How To Cure Cancers - Successfully Used By MANY Thousands Of People w/ Late-Stage Cancers

Less talking, more doing: a potent answer to cancer, not blind obedience

Two of the links below are definite jackpots of info. Learn to read between more lines.

When we repeatedly imitate the best of the best, we tend to imitate their results, as well.
Dr. Max Gerson Still Holds The Record Of Documented 5-Year Remissions

When we repeatedly imitate the best of the best, we tend to imitate their results, as well.
Everyone else in the room must be silent to benefit everyone, because opinions = opinions.
From that one man who clinically proved hundreds of cured cancer cases: Answers to cancer.
Opinions have ZERO value in the face of empirically proven BETTER results, repeated endlessly.
If you care enough to poke, and to study, we provide these, as did Max Gerson, with compliments.
Remember that MD's are trained (very well) for acute care. For chronic care, nothing beats "natural."
Never offer your opinion until you offer us the number of your successes, and of those you quote from.
No diseases survive 6.4 to 7.0 pH: a most magical superfact. Sufficient minerals and probiotics also do it.
Even sweeter: They are intimately connected, because the only way to balance pH? Probiotics and minerals!
Gary Null's "Death By Medicine" proves thousands dead in the U.S. EVERY WEEK, from medical/hospital error.

There is zero medical connection betwixt nutrition and health, although death of course begins in the colon.

Ask any recent med school graduate and they have to tell you they have not been trained to heal anything.

Their job is to learn physiology, biology, symptoms, & drugs that but suppress symptoms, not healing.

Not a single day is spent on nutrition, or on healing, instead selling patent medicines and surgeries!

Count up hospital error, nosocomial infections, medical error. Can YOU count 783,000 annual deaths?

For acute (emergency) care, yes, an M.D. is the first choice. For chronic care, naturally, please.
Rather than medically suppressing symptoms, the natural path addresses underlying issues.
More than 99% of all human opinions are 100% wrong. They are other people's opinions,
merely opinions of those who were fully trusted at the time they passed opinion to you.
Turn instead, exclusively, to the words and actions of those who're doing it best of all.

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  24. QVials - Everything they touch is guaranteed to test strong - including you

  25. - Greatest, perhaps easiest test of your life, forever useful - Instantly see what makes you test weak or strong!

    EVERYONE who does the one-second test is astonished by its accuracy:
    Food, beverages, clothing, homes, cellphones: Test and see for yourself

Promoting Natural Way To Cure Cancers With Real Food
Imitation food never produces more than imitation nutrition, or yield more than imitation good health

Tragically little of what you eat could ever, ever be correctly called "food" - it's not even close
Only what grows in the ground, storing solar energy for deposit in the intestine, is literally food.
Plus, the moment you add so-called 'corn syrup' or sugar or flour, you cause damage to the body

Do you even know that sugar instantly causes brain and cardiac and digestive damage, and so much more,
that flour is only paste, gumming up the intestine, blocking nutrition? ... You dare to feed this to your children?

Cancer rates have not merely risen in decades, they have MULTIPLIED. Non-food prevents defense.

  The single most successful method of erasing cancer in weeks OR LESS is to starve it to death with food. 
What are the foods of cancer?     Some oxygen and mostly sugar. Starve cancer cells of sugar, the cancer dies

  34 to 55 days of liquid vegetables, supplementing with plant-based minerals, and large amounts of probiotics.  
Several coffee enemas per week safely puts the liver into overdrive, dramatically accelerating, improving the healing.

Make no mistake: Thousands and thousands of patients with advanced-stage cancers have healed their cancers.

OBVIOUSLY, your MD does not want you to know about this, because your MD cares more for money than for service.
The clear and irrefutable proof is found in both his/her refusal to share the methods of naturally reversing cancer,
and, of course, the reprehensibly obscene fees your doctor charges for the putative act of "helping people."

Truth is, your MD is as much a grubber as the losers who raised him/her to worship money more than service.
$300,000 and more PER cancer patient... with a 90 to 93% failure rate. This is obscene beyond effable discourse.
Your MD knows that more than 80% of all cancers DISAPPEAR in weeks or less when you starve cancer of sugar.

Everyone's entitled to make a living. To make luxury-level profits in the arena of health (or religion, for that matter),
is clear evidence that such a person was raised by parents who failed, beyond the ability of mere words to describe.
Should you be offended by such strength of language, first consider the facts, asseverated with irrefragable proof.

More than 90% of all cancer deaths subsequent to medical treatment die, not of cancer, but from the medical treatment.
This is not a refutable item, nor subject to rational and licit discussion: It has not changed throughout time's passage.

Surgically removing cancerous tumors is spectacularly stupid, for it does nothing to stop repeated tumor expansion.
Additionally, exposing cancerous tumors to oxygen assures that, when the cancer DOES return, it will be multiplied.
Sadly, precious few people who have had their cancers surgically removed live long and healthy cancer-free lives.

 Conversely, those who imitate the people who PROVE to know how to cure cancers... routinely live stronger for longer. 

A) First, study those people who have successfully helped large numbers of people reverse the presence of cancer.

B) Secondly, study the humans who have succeeded in reversing their own late-stage cancers, they prove to know how.

 Remember that only the people who show it best prove that they know it best, including those showing how to cure cancers.  
Everyone else either has an ulterior agenda (most often money, followed by a wish to be recognized as being "a true expert,"
or else they're merely misled, because they CHOOSE to operate  on opinions and beliefs, rather than strictly-proven science.

MisterShortcut was not only cured of cancer at high speed thanks to the brilliance of Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC,
he was also fully trained by Dr. Cohen to continue onward, helping other people to help themselves, naturally, effectively.
Between these two, many, many hundreds of people whose MD's had given up on them, or vice-versa, benefited richly.
When people are still alive five and ten years after being told by MD's that their cases were "hopeless," truth speaks.
NOTHING speaks louder than success, because proof is better than belief.

How To Cure Cancers With Real Science and Not Mere Belief

Your beliefs have little or no meaning with respect to the Psychology of Longevity, only what you can repeatedly prove.
MD's who live lives of luxury generated from the pain and suffering of other humans, especially children and poor people,
rank among the most despicable of humans. If you wish, you can extend empathy and sorrow for their having poor parents,
people who themselves never learned that ultimate wealth is measured not by what you gather, rather by what you disseminate.

Only AFTER MisterShortcut began the routine of investing 90-plus percent of his income into service did life get infinitely richer.
DECADES of one horrific injury after another, chronic pain, migraines, legal, financial, and so many other "challenges" occurred.

When unpaid service to a suffering man, Mr. Sheldon Silver, began to change things up, MisterShortcut expanded levels of service.
Health, finance, art, music, brain function, influence on others, real joy, and so much more: ALL improved and repeatedly multplied.

Despite decades of smoking pot most every day, up to 10 and even 20x per day, suddenly, the brainwork headed skyward, to say the least.
Reciting hundreds of digits of Pi PER BREATH - even into the thousands - 5 to 10x faster than all 17 known world champion Pi reciters...
was just the beginning, rapidly followed by extraordinary skill in computing Fibonacci terms, out loud, into the millions and beyond.

Then came inventing, and the following discoveries which are nothing less than staggering to even the most jaded minds of science
Enrich your life with master secrets of the universe that promulgate and promote infinitely better results in most all endeavors.

1) More than 80% of all non-dairy/non-gluten food allergives are 100% emotionally-based, and RAPIDLY reversable.
They're a direct result of extraordinarily unpleasant events, usually in childhood, while handling those foods.
This includes the worst allergives that trigger lethal anaphylactic shock, including peanuts, shelfish, and more.
More than 300 people with such sensitivities and allergives were brought to happily eating those foods in days!

2) EVERYTHING on earth is made of molecules that spin in either one direction or another, and at low-speed or high-speed.
While thousands of scientists erroneously think molecules spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise, it's not true.
Because molecules spin in three (or more) dimensions, it's not quite as simple as clockwise or anti-clockwise.
More importantly, facts never revealed before, which are easily and immediatelyv proven by BDORT or QRA:

a) Molecules spinning in the wrong direction, and those spinning too slowly, weaken any living thing that is nearby

b) Molecules spinning in the right direction, and with sufficient speed, make any living thing in proximity test strong.

c) With supercharging technology developed by MisterShortcut, thanks to the brilliant support of David Cohen, ND, Phd, MH, CNC,
low-polarity molecules spinning in the wrong direction are INSTANTLY correctible, making anything/everything test strong.
For the first time ever, ALL electrical pollution, known as EMF radiation, in not merely neutralized, it is testably REVERSED.

EVERYTHING briefly painted by the supercharged laser, the world's first and only PROVEN clean-energy laser, tests strong.
EVERYTHING touched by QVials, BrainLifters, Torroids, or FoodBoosters, is guaranteed to pass BDORT or QRA testing.
Thoughts, anger, foods, beverages, organs and glands: ALL have molecules which spin correctly, or incorrectly.
Animals, and people, too, with 'angry' dispositions, dramatically changed with even brief daily supercharging.

d) With even 1/50th of a second of contact between any of the supercharged minerals in these devices, and mammalian GV20 point,
all 365 universally-agreed meridian points are guaranteed to temporarily test strong, delivering testable & observable benefits.

e) For the first time in history, the supercharged laser speed-heals animal wounds at a speed CONSIDERABLY faster than naturally occurs.
This, and wrinkle reduction, and other benefits are, for all that, secondary to the reversal of toxically unhealthy EMF radiation pollution.
No pollution that we're routinely exposed proves to damage as many organs, or as severely, as EMF radiation; No other comes close.
Most fantastically, none of these precious devices need to be purchased, because Megaphotons images achieve the same effects.
The original Megaphotons image, along with more than 400 issue-specific versions created by Dr. Cohen, are all free for your life.

These facts are mentioned because, while it's not conclusively proven that electricity, both hard-wired and wireless, CAUSE cancer,
there is no longer any doubt that electrical pollution does interfere with the body's ability to defeat and prevent cancer in mammals.

How To Cure Cancers - More Of A Choice Than A Chance

When Dr. Cohen helped MisterShortcut reverse his cancer in a matter of approximately three weeks, confounding his medical doctors,
the decision was made to disseminate those facts that are most proven, and most easily replicated, for the benfit of humanity at large.
Dr. Cohen's brutal, mysterious murder at night in his office suite, due to this, or estranged wife seeking 500k insurance, is unproven.
Despite the fact that his skull was literally split and caved in, NYPD refused to even marginally investigate the death of Dr. Cohen.

Rather than profiting financially on the scale that 80% and 90% success rates would justify in the face of medical failure for cancer,
the decision was made to earn wealth more valuable than bags of cash could hope to confer. The results speak louder than words.

Many thousands of MisterShortcut devices were sold, each buyer receiving generous bonuses NOT announced in advance of sale.
Without access to those devices, cancer patients are urged to rely on sugar elimination, liquid vegetables, and Megaphotons use.

There is no acceptable reason for patients to have to pay $300,000-plus for ninety-plus percent failure rates.

"How to cure cancers?" Royal Rife started a revolution when he proved that everything in the world has an identifable frequency.
When the small handful of cities equipped with his Rife machines brought the entire national cancer rate down, for a full decade,
the A.M.A. (American Medical Association), which describes itself as a union to protect "interests of its members," not patients,
engaged in skullduggery of the most corrupt formation, under leadership of its eventually discredited leader (Morris Fishbein),
it did not have government agents fan across those cities to confiscate his machines, but to destroy them with sledgehammers!

Can you imagine? Electronic devices giving no more and no less than the precise frequencies of each cancer back into the body,
effectively bringing the life of the cancers within the body to an end. The underlying research continues growing in this century.

... showing us that there are a range of methods being used for determining how to cure cancers

There are other powerful approaches being used successfully, yet, for those who face the daunting specter of suffering from cancer,
the simplicity of liquid vegetables, along with probiotics, plant-based minerals, and coffee enemas, still show how to cure cancers.

The Psychology of Shortcuts WHAT?

Each page delivers one to thirty-four Powergems - 14.4 million pages and counting,

each page unique, hiding and revealing PowerGems right in plain site...and sight.

We don't want lazy bad guys to learn the best master secrets of the universe,

so, design calls for you to read between the lines to catch more wisdom.

Often, where least expected, you may see a PowerGem overtly shown, no charge, pure power.

One great example is the stupidity of putting non-food into a healthy body, bad enough.

Atrociously worse, naturally, is to inject non-food into a body fighting for its life.

These are core secrets of YOUR universe, from the people who show it best.

Only what has been GROWN by the universe can possibly be true food.

Everything else may taste good, but, non-food damages everyone.

Whether the damage catches up later or sooner, that depends:

Most of all, on your immune response to electric pollution.

Eating non-food: Among the worst of human decisions.

If you knew better, you'd do better.
Let us all imitate who does.
High-speed balance...

r e a l     f o o d.

Air, water, minerals, never-heated oil, probiotics, fiber, and laughter:
THESE are the seven superfoods that warrant living stronger for longer, AND regaining good health

Opinions are worse than meaningless - they're injurious - until AFTER you gain extensive knowledge & experience.
It cannot be over-stressed: Only those who show better prove that they know it better:   Proof supercedes belief.  

Answers To Cancers

Pertaining To Answers to Cancers In Greens - The Universe Got It Right

There is not now alive even one human being who can thrive into later decades without greens being a majority of the diet.
That elderly relative you refer to most likely has not had a good dump in many, many, years, often hiding physical misery.

If it does not store solar energy and deposit solar energy into the intestine of mammals, it's not food, stop the lies, now.
Eating real food offers profound benefit. Childlike desires for non-foods are just moments of temptation.  Grow a pair.

Sorry: Study the number of people who, once opened,
exposed their cancer to oxygen, and doubled their death chances.

That does not suggest "moderate increase in recurrence likelihood:" DOUBLING my chances of dying? No, thank you.

More often than not, we see that cancer looks visually excised in toto, yet oxygen seems to speed up recurrence.

Speaking personally, and for no small sum of others, I cannot give permission to assault me with sharp scalpels,

only to then cut more, invasively, & literally slicing tissue that is not irretrievably damaged in most all cases.

If you cannot find your surgeon's success & failure rate, you're urged to consider looking further afield.
(Hear the sounds of a cuckoo clock?)

Everyone speaks of "the best on the Eastern Seaboard," and other such lethally untrue depictions of surgeons with charming bedside manner.
The faster a doctor sells surgery, the more sure you can be in most cases that the MD is a money-grubbing whore, like that MD's mom/dad.
What irrational belief in proven toxicity causes a human to reach for surgery first, rather than as the rational, desperate last resort?

Surgery is ALWAYS our last intelligent answer, not the first choice.
Allow this to be a litmus test of YOUR doctor's quality of service.

Charging hundreds of thousands is NOT how to cure cancers!
The fee a man or woman charges speaks louder than any claims of "service"
Most people have no clue it's "catastrophic care" that has skyrocketed cost.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars for chemotherapy & radiation... that almost never cures anyone?
Did you know that over 90% of cancer deaths are not caused by cancer, but by medical treatment?

Stop eating sugar. Starve cancer to death: THAT'S a high-powered way of how to cure cancers.
Get the pH into the green zone, and learn that no disease can thrive in an alkaline bloodstream.

The man who helped 800+ late-stage cancer patients get healthy has more credibility than 1,000 MD's!!

Get the pH up to 7.44 - 7.88, and see that no systemic disease can thrive in an alkaline bloodstream.
Do YOU know of a better way to alkalize (alkalinize) the blood than through plant-based minerals?
Do YOU know of a better, faster, safer way to heal the gut than to ingest more healthy probiotics?
Raising cell voltage with minerals, and powering up the gut with probiotics works EVERY time!

Why spend money on probiotic supplements, as a rule, than to eat more raw, fermented vegetables?
A four-ounce serving of, for example, pickled cabbage, has more probiotics than a jar of supplements!

If your M.D. does not have an IQ of 190, many shattered world records, or at least 800+ successes with cancer,
yet wants to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars PER VISIT, then your M.D. is the wrong one for you.

Heed only those who convince with strings of success!

Nothing succeeds or persuades like success:  Proof is better than belief.
As Henry Ford said,   "People who say it cannot be done should stop interrupting those who are doing it." 

He also famously said,    "Think you can, think you can't... either way... ... you're right!" 

Imitate the people who are doing it best of all, and you will imitate their results, or very nearly so. Win more this way!

Justifying Psychology of Longevity Natural Answers To Cancer

2.2 million adverse reactions to drugs each year, 106,000 deaths (conservative estimate)

Medical error kills anywhere from 12,000 to 18,000 people PER WEEK, every week in the U.S.

Terrifyingly, the list goes on and on, including wrong prescriptions, wrong dosages:
No less than 115,000 people die every year just from bedsores in U.S. hospitals!
Trusting such a corrupt, profit-focused system is a manifestation of insanity.
Insanity is defined as "Doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result."

Table 1: Estimated Annual Mortality and Economic Cost of Medical Intervention





Adverse Drug Reactions


$12 billion

Lazarou(1), Suh (49)

Medical error


$2 billion




$55 billion

Xakellis(7), Barczak (8)



$5 billion

Weinstein(9), MMWR (10)




Nurses Coalition(11)



$77 billion

Starfield(12), Weingart(112)

Unnecessary Procedures


$122 billion




$9 billion




$282 billion

20 years after the publishing of "Death By Medicine"? From evidentiary sources, these numbers were not just beyond dispute, they were shown to be definably conservative, more so with the continued increases since 1997, and more than likely 25% to 27% higher, AND STILL GROWING EVERY WEEK!

Using Leape's 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million(14) multiplied by the 14% fatality rate he used in 1994(16) produces an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined. Using this number instead of Lazorou's 106,000 drug errors and the Institute of Medicine 's (IOM) estimated 98,000 annual medical errors would add another 216,000 deaths, for a total of 999,936 deaths annually. Despite many technological advances, the total numbers continue to grow. Natural approaches are safer.

Table 2: Estimated Annual Mortality and Economic Cost of Medical Intervention





ADR/med error

420,000 $200 billion Leape(14)



$55 billion

Xakellis(7), Barczak (8)



$5 billion

Weinstein(9), MMWR (10)




Nurses Coalition(11)



$77 billion

Starfield(12), Weingart(112)

Unnecessary Procedures


$122 billion




$9 billion


These figures from "Death By Medicine," it must be said, are extremely conservative.
Each of 19 professionals without direct connection estimate these numbers to be higher.
It is possible that the greatest fault of all lies with patients who continue to trust U.S. MD's.

For ACUTE care (emergencies), yes, MD's are surely the first and the best choice for any sane person.
For CHRONIC care, for which MD's receive not a single day of training, only an idiot would consult an MD.
No apologives for offense, because offense is intended, in direct response to the offense of money-grubbing.

If M.D.'s had a success rate even vaguely related to the high success rate of natural health practitioners,
perhaps a case COULD be made for charging one-half or one-third of the criminal rates MD's charge today.
Yet, be utterly clear: MD's and hospitals are directly responsible for up to a million and more U.S. deaths annually.
It's estimated that, for every person benefiting from an MD, (emergencies), up to 16 others end up worse, or dead.

Numbers don't lie, only people lie, and, as Dr. Wallach famously said with his book, "Dead doctors don't lie"

From detoxing clogged gallbladders and livers, improving vision, knowing how to cure cancers, and so much more,
you're assuredly far better off: A) consulting with skilled naturopathic practitioners, and B) Learning more yourself.

After all, you cannot learn less about anything.    Learn more, live more.  

MASTER SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE, and surely one that your medical physician is unlikely to want you to know, not really:
Your MD knows some things about the human body, and a great deal about drugs - toxic drugs requiring a prescription.
Do you think your MD knows one hundred useful facts about YOUR specific condition or greatest health concern?
Fact is, YOU learning three or more new facts per day on naturally addressing your greatest concerns? Magic?
It's as close to magic as you can fairly expect to get. You see, in 100 days, that's 300 facts. Mastery develops.
By the time 52 weeks have gone by, you're in possession of 1,000 or more USEFUL, PRACTICAL facts.
Recognize that, no matter what your education level, you ARE capable of learning three new facts.
No worry of tomorrow, or big totals: Continue to focus on yesterday's three, and today's three.
Simple review of yesterday's three new facts, and today's three new facts, earns you mastery.
From zinc and nucleotides to knock out a cold faster than any other methods known to Man,
or the certain fact that air, water, never-heated oil, greens (fiber), minerals, and probiotics,
IN AND OF THEMSELVES qualify as superfoods that help us overcome health issues,
there are dozens & scores of powerful health secrets that need no medical degree!

Learning more is a near-absolute master secret for living stronger for longer.

Bottom Line: If you knew better, you'd do better, so imitate those who do.


Hidden and Revealed In Plain Site... and plain sight.

Millions of pages, and you can't find magical information? Pay attention, Grasshopper:

Do you know there are millions of idiots who play one side or the other on the markets?

Forex, stocks, commodities, they're all the same, played and won by identical rules, hm?

Even technical indicators, ie: MACD or Fibonacci retracements to SMA and EMA, IDENTICAL!

Wealth goes to the person beginning modestly, always betting in both directions at the same time.

Options on a Fortune 100 company? There are only ten companies that fit into the Top Ten list, true?

Choosing the most active one, and then selling both calls and puts makes you money with each movement.

Furthermore, you collect rent on them every day that you choose to keep them active, closing with profit weekly.

Yet, there are still, now, millions and millions of people losing money to a hundred thousand people who clearly get it.

Betting in both directions on a highly active issue is the way that Chrysler makes more money than they do selling Chryslers.

Maybe you just happen to know better than those who repeatedly do it best of all.

If not, imitate them first, THEN innovate with your knowledge, experience, and wisdom, if any.

Thus, as it is in both wealth and health, only imitate the true winners.

manual_bt7--boosting IQ measurably (pdf)

  • Restoration of Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers.doc

  • Restoration of Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers (pdf)

  • Of course the first reaction to the idea of healing the body by concentration on numbers is:
    'About as ridiculous as anything else.'

    The purpose of an experiment is not really what you think it is.

    An experiment is an effort to comprehensively DISPROVE theory.

    Only when a scientist FAILS to disprove a theory,
    despite repeated and sincere efforts to do so,
    is a theory considered valid.

    Example: 56789108 is the number associated with the frequency for kidney cancer
    Simply write 56789108 on a piece of paper, & put it on your body.

    It costs you nothing.

    Grabavoi is considered the brightest mind in Russia today, which is hardly short on geniuses.

    His feats run into the many dozens, and have brought him many enemies, AND some impressive awards.

    The Psychology of Shortcuts reminds you that...
    suspending your opinion until AFTER you test an idea is a high-speed intelligence booster.

    How to cure cancers?
    We've known for decades. MD's do not want you to know, because cancer's too profitable.

    Never give respect to someone's words... ... when their fees are criminally and outrageously high.
    Better and wiser and healthier to identify those with the highest rates of success, & imitate them!

    How Can You Think To Find What You Are Not Looking For? - Psychology of Longevity Has Answers
    The Psychology of Longevity offers answers to cancer, starting with Dr. Max Gerson's approach, minus ALL forms of sugar

    As sure as the sun shines, every one of these many millions of pages contains one to thirty-four PowerGems.

    Your apprehension of these master secrets of the universe will be limited by the limit YOU set upon your focus.

    It is a rare treat when we get what we want in life. It is many times more true that we get much of what we expect.

    If your brain can handle a gift to you worth more than billions of dollars, feel free to visit Megaphotons or

    Don't ever think that the Universe does not love you. In all the years of your life, have you encountered never-ending energy?

    Each generation, as you may know, only a few dozen people are given unlimited resources with which to live selfishly, or give big.

    The megaphotons image proves, by ALL SIX KNOWN ENERGY TESTS(!) that at least one human is focused on helping you help yourself.

    The truly trillion-dollar technology of Supercharging, first concentration of solar energy, highest polarity of all time, and more,


    combined with Dr. Rife's proof that every disease has a unique frequency.

    Now, it's long since proven that everything on earth has a unique frequency.

    Embedding known frequencies into the world's first supercharged laser,

    you now have several of the most powerful tools ever known to Man.

    Find more within yourself, and the many assets you have access to.

    Live YOUR Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts.

    Each day that you waste is rich with minutes, opportunities, you cannot get back.

    Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.

    Cease forming opinions before thinking. If your opinion was right, you would be a master now.

    Use of the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts virtually assures your mastery.

    From today, remember to imitate masters, and THEN innovate with your knowledge and experience.

    Exchanging even just 1 of 10 chatty, petty minutes for ONE minute of your better thinking profits you.

    Master secrets of the universe? They're all around you, ala "Ask better questions to get better answers."

    This is, hands down, one of the ten most important, profitable pieces of information you will ever learn.

    Tragically, your parents and role models taught you to form opinions BEFORE your knowledge & experience.

    This is the single greatest reason why you have only accomplished the tiniest fraction of your enormous potential.

    From great answers to cancer, the answers to general health & wealth, physical, emotional, charitable achievements,

    there are few pathways, few master secrets of the universe likely to serve you more profitably than asking better questions.

    If you recognize that our planets residents choose not to treat each other very well,
    then you have sufficient awareness of your surroundings to make a huge difference.
    Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
    If you think that you can save lives every day for thousands of days, or even hundreds of days...
    without having the universe generously repaying you, then you still don't know Newton's Law.

    How sweet it is: Reduce starvation, and more, with FREE CLICKS. Sponsors pay for each click - Wow!
    What goes up, must come down, what goes around comes around. Help the helpless, to see the action.
    When you save lives, you can be ENTIRELY confident that the universe will repay you, & generously.

    Hunger and Poverty:
    Let's end starvation
    Live the Psychology of Longevity
    Help others to live stronger longer
    BE Your Psychology of Shortcuts
    Giving Means Getting

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    Yes, there are a number of supplements, vitamins, and superfoods we can add,
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        NOTE: In a typical human life, no human is weaker, or more bereft of immune factors... than a woman who's just given birth.

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    A) Yes, skin and stomach require acidity; Bloodstream REQUIRES alkaline environment to defeat systemic health challenges

    B) No disease YOU will ever face can withstand the perfect record of green pH: When pH is green, no disease can sustain

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    Liquid vegetables, coffee enemas, and EMF remediation.

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    If religion is your thing:
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    Healing ourselves of cancer is the best answer; Healing ourselves of most all health challenges, except that final one.

    Unless and until you or someone else manages to pull THAT feat off, let's 'settle' for living stronger... longer, shall we?

    Shh. Eat food, & only food, supplementing with probiotics and minerals. Youthifying DOES require HCL, to repair DNA.

    The answers to cancer, in fact the answer to most every cancer, is similar to most answers to the bulk of health issues.

    The ultimate answers to cancer is the same as applied to virus, bacteria, fungus, and more: Stop feeding them sugar!!

    There's never been a poison known, even when combined with all other poisons, that sicken and kill as many as flour

    Water + flour = glue.  If you think that adding eggs, sugar, and chocolate makes it less deadly, you ARE quite insane.

    You're lining the only place in your body where nutrition passes through the wall in liquid form. Thus, 3 daily meals.

    If you do not work hard physical labor many hours per day, your cholestorol is unneeded, and enters an imbalance.

    If you are eating real food, and do not have an intestine clogged up with paste, you're eating/saving 90% of all food

    Finally, when you are eating real food, your energy, strength, endurance, and brain function improve dramatically.

    If you cannot give us just one solid reason why your opposing opinion should be given consideration, even by you,

    then you need to refocus on just why you have two ears and one mouth, two eyes and one mouth, two arms and...

    Be smart. Follow the 'yellow brick road' to YOUR most convincing and effective answers to cancer, all-naturally.

    Air, water, never-heated oil, greens, plant-based minerals, and probiotics:
    THESE are the foods of life. Most else may taste good... & is not food.

    How To Cure Cancers Naturally?
    Answers to cancers, answers for cancers... right in front of our faces!

    Our findings clearly indicate that those who face having cancer most often die directly as a result of medical treatment.
    Tragically, regular intake of sugar, flour, and petty stories of celebrity leaves the majority of us too profoundly stupid:
    Too stupid, too drugged, and too unaware, to glimpse the answers for how to cure cancers right in front of our faces

    34 to 55 days of liquid vegetables only, freeing up a MAJORITY of the body's resources to heal, rather than digest,
    since no less than 80 to 90 percent of what most humans eat today could never, scientifically, be called 'food;'
    supplementation of probiotics - friendly bacteria - gleaned from supplements or fresh pickled vegetables,
    and the liver-charging power of a few coffee enemas pr week: THIS is how we cured our own cancers.

    The Psychology of Longevity restricts itself to substances and approaches that work consistently.
    Above all, higher-than-average amounts of liquid vegetables, plant-based minerals, probiotics, enemas,
    PROVE beyond doubt to have outperformed every known medical approach regarding how to cure cancers.

    How To Cure Cancer Legally and Naturally

    It is actually and, yes, literally illegal in Britain and the U.S. to cure cancers. Go ahead, dig and learn the truth.
    In fact, you must be told, as you are here, that you MUST only rely upon medical approaches for curing cancer.
    This, despite the fact, the hard unassailable fact, that medical approaches fail some 95-97 times out of every 100.

    It is despicable, and provides you with court-worthy evidence that the system is broken, your elected reps corrupt.
    Thus and so, let us call it personal opinion, observation, and experience: NATURALLY is the best way to cure cancers.
    It is observed, personally experienced, and reported, that liquid vegetables (8 to 10x per day), and plant-based minerals,
    along with significantly high amounts of good probiotics, AND coffee enemas, are how we cured our own cancers, long ago.
    The fact that MisterShortcut survived so many years beyond cancer, and helped many others to help themselves, quite naturally,
    offers up many times the power of any known existing evidence regarding the most effective and safest way to curing cancers at home.

    Learn more, give more... and likely live more.

    With love, from

    All because the solutions and best, safest, healthiest answers ... are obvious:
    MORE air, water, never-heated oil, bulk, minerals, probiotics ... and laughter.
    Hugs are quite helpful to, to state of mind in any cancer patient, and still,
    Ingesting MORE air, water, oil, bulk, minerals, and probiotics, are magical.

    The answer to cancer is getting pH back above 7 on a consistent basis.
    What medical doctor do YOU know who's willing to share, at NO COST,
    the single lowest-cost, the safest cancer cure known to humankind?